About us

Hjo-Verktyg was founded by Yvon Holmbäck in 1967. His idea was to be able to meet an increasing demand from the manufacturing industry for more specialized tooling solutions. The company is still run in accordance with the same basic idea. A large amount of creativity and practical experience in combination with great care for details and production methods make it easier for us in our daily activities to always concentrate our efforts on our customers and their problems.

Troubleshooting, design, manufacturing, testing, and service are all carried out within the house which provides an excellent guarantee for a cost effective production process and top quality products We are well known for our flexibility, sense of customer service, and a good atmosphere in our relations, external as well as internal. Our large number of recurring customers and our low employee turnover are both good indications of this. We continue to be a family-owned company with solid finances and a sound growth rate.

Vår personalstyrka. Kantpressverktyg, pelarstyrda verktyg, saxskär legoproduktion & verktygsservice.

Quick facts

Was founded in 1967

A family-owned company

ISO 9001:2015